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At Moshe Bounce House, we believe that age should never limit the fun and excitement of bouncing. We are proud to provide a wide range of bounce houses for children and adults of all ages, ensuring that everyone can unleash their inner child and experience the thrill of bouncing like never before.

Bounce Into Fun-Tastic Adventures!

Hey there, thrill-seekers and fun-lovers of all ages! Welcome to Moshe Bounce House, to reveal your inner child and experience a bouncing treasure like never before!

You might be wondering, “Wait, is this just a place for kiddos?” Oh, no-no-no! Our bounce houses are not just for the little ones; they’re for the young at heart too! Age is just a number, and when you step into the world of Moshe Bounce House, you’re signing up for an epic adventure. Whether you’re six or sixty, bouncing is an art that knows no bounds!

We take pride in curating a sensational range of bounce houses that cater to everyone’s fancy. Kids, teenagers, adults—everyone is welcome to jump, flip, and bounce to their heart’s content. Want to challenge your pals to a high-flying race through the obstacle course? You got it! Absolutely possible! At Moshe Bounce House, the sky’s the limit!

But hey, we don’t just stop at bounce houses. Oh, no! We’re all about creating the ultimate experience of pure exhilaration and adventure. Our team of bounce enthusiasts is always cooking up fresh, exciting ideas to elevate your time with us. From Flamingo Island to Green Bay – Bounce House on Steroids and ultimately The Big House, we’ve got them all!

Moshe Bounce House is not just a place—it’s a community of joy-seekers and bounce-lovers! We host special festivities, birthdays, school events and many more. Come at Moshe Bounce House even if you have nothing to celebrate. Yup, you heard that right! Create a reason and enjoy yourself.

So, what are you waiting for? Grab your bounciest socks and join the bouncing brigade at Moshe Bounce House! Come rain or shine, we’ll be here, ready to sprinkle your life with happiness, one epic bounce at a time. Contact us now to book your spot in the realm of bouncing bliss!



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